berber carpetIf you are in the market to revamp the flooring in your home or office, it’s likely that carpet is one of the flooring types you’re considering. Berber carpeting is one popular type for homeowners in Leon Valley and it has several benefits over other flooring options. Floor Coverings International West San Antonio will provide with you with different carpet samples so you can be sure to find the right fit. Here are some reasons why Berber carpet flooring may work for your own West San Antonio, Leon Valley, Hondo home.

Stain-Resistant Carpet

Since Berber carpet flooring is comprised of looped pieces of material, the risk of staining is less than with other carpeting options. When something is spilled or dropped upon a portion of Berber carpeting, it will remain on the looped portion instead of sinking deep into the fibers of the material to the floors underneath. This makes it easier to remove the spillage without stains setting into the material. A simple blotting of the carpeting should remove most of the staining material.

Berber Carpeting Is Cost-Effective

Using Berber on floors in Leon Valley is usually a cost-effective measure if budgetary concerns are present. Berber carpeting is made from olefin fiber. This material is not as pricey as wool or nylon, making carpeting less in cost as a result. In addition, Berber is less expensive when it comes to manufacturing. The cost-savings are passed on to the consumer, making this carpeting option one that keeps money in your pocket while still having the benefit of great looking floors.

Durable And Versatile

Berber comes in an array of colors to match any design theme. Many find that using flecked options helps to obscure dirt or stains well. Berber does come in solid colors as well, however. Traditional Berber is made with flecked patterns. This type of carpeting is extremely durable, making it a great option for those with children, pets, or high-foot-traffic areas in their home or business. Clean-up is a breeze as Berber only requires vacuuming to remove surface dirt and steam-cleaning to help freshen material when needed.

Install Berber in Your Leon Valley Home

If you are ready to have new carpeting installed on your floors, consider using Berber. The above benefits are just a few of the reasons why Berber carpet flooring is desired by many in the West San Antonio, Leon Valley, Hondo  area. Get started today with a free in-home estimate from  Floor Coverings International West San Antonio!

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